Get a grip on your energy consumption

Do you live in Brussels? Then the My Sibelga app is definitely for you!

Energy bills take an increasingly bigger chunk out of a household budget. Many people wonder if there's a smarter way. Yes, there is! With our FREE app, you get a clear understanding of your electricity consumption. Simple. Always. Everywhere.

Be the first to know when the app is available

  • Available for free on both iOS and Android.

  • Nothing to plug in. No internet or wifi needed for your meter.

  • 100% privacy: your data is secure with your grid operator.

  • Independent of energy suppliers, no commercial purposes.

Your consumption at a glance

In clear charts per hour, day, week, month, and year. Also, the excess energy from your solar panels that you feed back into the grid. Or, if you participate in energy sharing, how much energy has been exchanged precisely.

Friends, family, or acquaintances

Connect the electricity meter of friends or family to your account. Educational if you want to compare your consumption with others. Convenient, especially if grandma is not so familiar with modern technology.

Keep your finger on the pulse

With our estimate of your electricity consumption, you'll know where you stand. Are you on track, or is there room for improvement? Do the monthly check and stay one step ahead of your consumption.

Meter readings at your fingertips

The My Sibelga consumption app automatically keeps track of your meter readings. You don't have to worry about it. Consult them whenever and wherever you want. This way, you become more aware of your power consumption.

Benefits of the smart meter

  • Better control and a clear picture of your electricity consumption.

  • A meter for prosumers and compatible with various rates.

  • The opportunity to participate in innovative projects.

  • Simplification of certain procedures and access to tailored services.

No smart meter yet?

Contribute to tomorrow's power grid

The energy world is evolving rapidly. Moving away from large power plants to a low-carbon landscape with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, mainly produced, stored, and consumed locally.

Smart meters are essential for this energy transition. They help you as a customer to better understand your consumption, while providing us as network operator with crucial data to manage the power grid more efficiently. This saves costs for both us and you. A true win-win situation!